Saturday, December 11, 2021

Where to begin?

I really don't know what I should start a sentence with let alone a blog. However Socrates said it best when he said "the wisest men know, that they know nothing." Thus I know not how to start this blog because I know nothing.
I assume Socrates means to keep learning because nobody can ever fully understand everything there is to know about anything.

I am not going to sit back and make a long drawn out story about my ideas and beliefs because that tends to be rather boring. Though I do plan to walk you through what I have been finding curiously intriguing as of lately.
I hope to do this as interestingly as possible in order to keep your attention and draw some feedback from you because I believe collective thought is key when it comes to gaining true knowledge.

I shall use science as evidence of my knowledge that I shall share with you. I do this because I believe science in its purest form is the best description of the way we interpret the universe, our selves, and each other.

If anyone wants to comment on anything I ask that you do so respectfully, I don't mind sarcasm, but insults are a way to express ignorance and neglect. All that I ask is that you think before you post. I am interested in seeing the conclusions that others come to as we explore some things together.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Government Agenda Will Always Be Abolished By Social Intellect Against Adveristy

People like us are the only party that matters in all governments. We are here because we wish to express the issues and find an agreement. Once an agreement that majorities support is made, government is forced to accept or ignore the agreement. People who have the ability to communicate during adversity can accomplish any possibility they can bring to question. (Depending on the amount of motivation the adversity can instill, and the time frame the proposition proposes. As well as the intellect that the party possess.) People in forums and networks similar are what corrupt governments should fear most. Places of untainted public opinions so mutual agreements without a governments influence may be attained. We don't even need guns to ensure our opinions are understood, we have each other to learn from and gather non-violent instruction.

Friday, November 30, 2012

I thought I'd add a few videos that I found to be interesting. Spiritual Science Series 1-15 Length 4:02 Ancient Knowledge Series 1-6 Length 3:51

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Definitions of God and Satan?

God- My definition of the phenomena behind the energies of the universe.

This energy was the initial start of the expansion of our universe.

All matter is or was manipulated by this energy.

This energy has evolved our universe and is essentially what made us evolve from microbes to a species.

This energy generates our thoughts and actions to this day.

The understanding and discussion of the energies existence and evolution is what has built up our knowledge of science and philosophies today and thus is the energy behind collective thought.

Satan (devil) - My perception of all evil in the world.

Evil only comes from irrational or greedy decisions by man.

Evil can not be created without the use of a persons free will and ignorance.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Spiritual Geneocide

Spiritual Genocide can be defined as banishing particular groups of souls from getting into heaven.

If your belief is that God will condemn good people to torment based on the name of their faith, you believe that God condones a form of genocide.

We as people know genocide is wrong. Why do some of us allow ourselves to think God would really condemn anyone to torment, just because they got his name wrong.

Instead, all we have to do is realize Gods love is unconditional. No matter how misguided our thoughts and actions may be, he will have always find a reason to love everything and everyone.
If someone is blind to God, it's because God wants them to be blind.
They have contributions to teach or learn that would be better expressed to that individual without them realizing God made it possible.

Free will is obviously a big condition in Gods plan.
If it wasn't we would not exist the way we do.
Therefore condemning someone based on the choice of their free will is counter productive of Gods plan.

So why would God commit souls to hell, only because they worshiped him in a way that others thought unorthodox?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Age Of Demons

We are people haunted by demons. These demons are a constant threat to our families, friends, and the world as a whole.
These demons infest our thoughts and misguide us mercilessly. These demons are more destructive than any single creation a person can conjure. The demons of which I speak corrupt our rationalities and obstruct our critical thinking.
If these demons are allowed to disrupt our thoughts, they will try to persuade us to act upon good intentions or selfish deeds, without thinking of the circumstances of these actions thoroughly.
These demons also use the influence of ignorance to guide our thoughts. Ignorance is a persons ability to ignore reality due to lack of knowledge or their own self absorbance. It is more important to abolish ignorance because it is the first tool these demons will use to influence any and every man that has a freedom of choice.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Alternative Energy

I have looked into various ways of saving money on my electric bill that are economically correct for my household. There are many types out there, wind, hydro, steam solar, bio fuel, so on, so on.
The best methods to be in my price range would be solar, steam, or hydro though. Wind energy is costly to start out and vegetable oil is a rather expensive operation itself at times from what I understand.
I started to look into steam and hydro energy and was thinking that it would be neat to have the 2 interconnect as an energy source.
An example would be 2 reservoirs of water that are connected to pipes in order to make a closed loop flow system.
Have reservoir A at the top of your loop in order for gravity to pull the water down the tube. Inside the tube should be a low watt high pressure pump connected to a battery. This battery is connected to 2 turbines that generate electricity and charge the battery as power is used.
When the water reaches reservoir B it would be immediately heated in order to reach steaming temperature and go up through an opposite pipe to spin the other turbine that is connected to the battery.

That is just a hypothetical theory with a lot of flaws but a basis of a decent logical invention.

Next I started to wonder what made the turbines generate the electricity in the first place. I felt so stupid when I found out. Magnets and wire.
I have always had a love for science and that should have been a given even for my lack of intelligence.
So I started looking into magnetic energy and where it comes from and how we can harness its use for electricity. Which is all very interesting stuff I might add, regardless of how familiar or unfamiliar you are with science  the information about magnetic and electric energy and its origins are magnificently enlightening.

If anyone is interested in looking into magnetic energy I believe one of the best people to learn from would be Edward Leedskalnin.
He was the creator of the Coral Castle and wrote a few books. Magnetic Currents, is his book about his theories and experiments with magnets and electricity.
If you haven't heard of Coral Castle I suggest watching a video about it.

Coral Castle Video

Magnetic Current
This Book Is Not For Those Of you Who Become Tiresome Of Reading