Saturday, December 11, 2021

Where to begin?

I really don't know what I should start a sentence with let alone a blog. However Socrates said it best when he said "the wisest men know, that they know nothing." Thus I know not how to start this blog because I know nothing.
I assume Socrates means to keep learning because nobody can ever fully understand everything there is to know about anything.

I am not going to sit back and make a long drawn out story about my ideas and beliefs because that tends to be rather boring. Though I do plan to walk you through what I have been finding curiously intriguing as of lately.
I hope to do this as interestingly as possible in order to keep your attention and draw some feedback from you because I believe collective thought is key when it comes to gaining true knowledge.

I shall use science as evidence of my knowledge that I shall share with you. I do this because I believe science in its purest form is the best description of the way we interpret the universe, our selves, and each other.

If anyone wants to comment on anything I ask that you do so respectfully, I don't mind sarcasm, but insults are a way to express ignorance and neglect. All that I ask is that you think before you post. I am interested in seeing the conclusions that others come to as we explore some things together.

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