Monday, October 15, 2012

Alternative Energy

I have looked into various ways of saving money on my electric bill that are economically correct for my household. There are many types out there, wind, hydro, steam solar, bio fuel, so on, so on.
The best methods to be in my price range would be solar, steam, or hydro though. Wind energy is costly to start out and vegetable oil is a rather expensive operation itself at times from what I understand.
I started to look into steam and hydro energy and was thinking that it would be neat to have the 2 interconnect as an energy source.
An example would be 2 reservoirs of water that are connected to pipes in order to make a closed loop flow system.
Have reservoir A at the top of your loop in order for gravity to pull the water down the tube. Inside the tube should be a low watt high pressure pump connected to a battery. This battery is connected to 2 turbines that generate electricity and charge the battery as power is used.
When the water reaches reservoir B it would be immediately heated in order to reach steaming temperature and go up through an opposite pipe to spin the other turbine that is connected to the battery.

That is just a hypothetical theory with a lot of flaws but a basis of a decent logical invention.

Next I started to wonder what made the turbines generate the electricity in the first place. I felt so stupid when I found out. Magnets and wire.
I have always had a love for science and that should have been a given even for my lack of intelligence.
So I started looking into magnetic energy and where it comes from and how we can harness its use for electricity. Which is all very interesting stuff I might add, regardless of how familiar or unfamiliar you are with science  the information about magnetic and electric energy and its origins are magnificently enlightening.

If anyone is interested in looking into magnetic energy I believe one of the best people to learn from would be Edward Leedskalnin.
He was the creator of the Coral Castle and wrote a few books. Magnetic Currents, is his book about his theories and experiments with magnets and electricity.
If you haven't heard of Coral Castle I suggest watching a video about it.

Coral Castle Video

Magnetic Current
This Book Is Not For Those Of you Who Become Tiresome Of Reading

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