Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Age Of Demons

We are people haunted by demons. These demons are a constant threat to our families, friends, and the world as a whole.
These demons infest our thoughts and misguide us mercilessly. These demons are more destructive than any single creation a person can conjure. The demons of which I speak corrupt our rationalities and obstruct our critical thinking.
If these demons are allowed to disrupt our thoughts, they will try to persuade us to act upon good intentions or selfish deeds, without thinking of the circumstances of these actions thoroughly.
These demons also use the influence of ignorance to guide our thoughts. Ignorance is a persons ability to ignore reality due to lack of knowledge or their own self absorbance. It is more important to abolish ignorance because it is the first tool these demons will use to influence any and every man that has a freedom of choice.

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