Thursday, October 25, 2012

Spiritual Geneocide

Spiritual Genocide can be defined as banishing particular groups of souls from getting into heaven.

If your belief is that God will condemn good people to torment based on the name of their faith, you believe that God condones a form of genocide.

We as people know genocide is wrong. Why do some of us allow ourselves to think God would really condemn anyone to torment, just because they got his name wrong.

Instead, all we have to do is realize Gods love is unconditional. No matter how misguided our thoughts and actions may be, he will have always find a reason to love everything and everyone.
If someone is blind to God, it's because God wants them to be blind.
They have contributions to teach or learn that would be better expressed to that individual without them realizing God made it possible.

Free will is obviously a big condition in Gods plan.
If it wasn't we would not exist the way we do.
Therefore condemning someone based on the choice of their free will is counter productive of Gods plan.

So why would God commit souls to hell, only because they worshiped him in a way that others thought unorthodox?

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